Leading the beauty health industry through a natural biomaterials platform

Imagine the Next Green Revolution

The benefits of plants are endless, ranging from solving food, clothing, and shelter to raw materials for treating diseases. In particular, considering not only its function as a biological resource but also its ecological and social functions, the value of plants cannot be overemphasized. I cherished the value of these plants and started researching to find useful materials that protect human health and happiness from plants and to develop technologies that mass-produce them in a sustainable way.

And in 2010, Institute of Native Genetic Resources Inc. was established to actively utilize the value while preserving Korea's unique plant genetic resources. In Nagoya, Japan, the Nagoya Protocol for "access to genetic resources and bebefits-sharing" was just adopted, and a new issue of the biological resource war emerged, and competition among countries to secure biological resources was expected to intensify. Over the past decade, the Institute of Native Genetic Resources Inc. has discovered key materials from Korea's unique plant resources that will become future bio-semiconductors in the beauty health industry and secured related production technologies.

In 2020, we have now begun to further expand and commercialize the "plant-derived natural biomaterials platform" that has been built under the new corporate name (INGR Inc.), after INGR, an English abbreviation of the old corporate name. The new corporate name INGR also has our mission of "Imagine the Next Green Revolution" in mind. The dream of the next-generation green revolution is to mass-produce beauty health materials, a future food, in an absolute clean environment that contains the precious value of plants without damaging nature and the environment.

INGR Inc. has secured innovative plant cell culture technology that discovers functional materials from plant treasure houses and produces them in large quantities without being restricted by climate or cultivation environment. In particular, molecular switch technology is a mass production technology that amplifies the content of functional materials by precisely controlling plant biosynthesis metabolism.

Now, the new decade of INGR Inc. begins with the vision of becoming a leader in the beauty health industry through the natural bio-materials platform.

Please support the mission of the "next-generation green revolution" and the vision of "becoming a leader in the beauty health industry through the natural bio-materials platform" pursued by INGR Inc. and dream of the next-generation green revolution that protects the health and happiness of mankind TOGETHER.