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  • 2022

    Mar. 2022 A new band launched/ Vegetology

    Mar. 2022 Own shopping mall built/

  • 2021

    Dec. 2021 Appointed as a business operator of the Gyeongbuk hemp regulation free zone

    Nov. 2021 An agreement signed with KRIBB on technology transfer and cooperation

    Aug. 2021 Inno-Biz Certificate

    Jul. 2021 A branch of affiliated institute established in Jeongeup

    May. 2021 Investment Series A attracted

    Feb. 2021 ‘Natural Resources Research Group’ Membership

  • 2020

    Dec. 2020 The Corporate name changed/ INGR Inc.

    Dec. 2020 ‘Viniferin Culture Medium’ American Patent 

    Dec. 2020 Selected as an organizer of the international joint technology development project/Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

    Jun. 2020 Recognized as a venture company/Korea Technology Finance Corporation

  • 2019

    May. 2019 ‘Viniferin Culture Medium’ Japanese Patent Registration

    May. 2019 ‘Vino Chocolate’ Ingredient Registration

  • 2018

    Dec. 2018 Industry-University-Institute Cooperation 
    Technology Development Project

  • 2017

    Dec. 2017 Certified as an export frontier company/ Gyeonggido

    Nov. 2017 ‘Alalia Elata Callus Extract’ & ‘Anemarrhena 
    Asphodeloides Callus Extract’ INCI Registration

    Jan. 2017 Certified as a small and medium-sized enterprise with technological innovation

  • 2016

    Nov. 2016 Recognized as a corporate research laboratory/Biotechnology laboratory

    Nov. 2016 R&D Institute Certificate

    May. 2016 ISO 9001 Quality Management System 

  • 2015

    Apr. 2015 ‘Happysol’, Pine Wilt Desease Pheromone Trap 

  • 2013

    Dec. 2013 Anti-aging Grape Flower Extract ‘Resveratrol 
    Activated’ Development

  • 2012

    Jun. 2012 Industry-University-Institute R&D Collaboration Project

  • 2011

    Jun. 2011 A factory established and registered/Biological manufacturing industry

    Nov. 2011 Foundation Growth R&D Project

  • 2010

    Jun. 2010 Recognized as a venture company/Korea Technology Finance Corporation

    Feb. 2010 A corporation established/Institute of Native Genetic Resources Inc.