Leading the beauty health industry through a natural biomaterials platform

Imagine the Next Green Revolution

INGR started its business with the mission of
"Imagine the Next Green Revolution" and and is developing innovative materials that protect human health and happiness, and is constantly striving to become a leading company in the beauty health industry through a plant cell-derived natural biomaterials platform.

INGR is a green bio company that discovers and mass produces functional natural materials based on molecular switches, plant cell culture, and bio-conversion technologies. Through a long period of research and development, we have secured core technologies and are conducting natural biomaterial businesses in the fields of Bio, Beauty & Health (B&H), and Smart & Precision Agriculture (S&P Agro).

INGR is building a small giant green bio company dreaming of the next green revolution. Core human resources, including the CEO, who has been studying plant-based natural materials at university for nearly 30 years and researchers with excellent biotechnology capabilities are gathering to discover natural biomaterials from plants based on advanced technology with an external open innovative expert group. viniferin found in the grape flowers was the first treasure that INGR found in the treasure house vineyard.