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Plant Cell Culture Technology
  • The technology to cultivate plant stem cells in an absolutely clean environment instead of growing plants in the fields or collecting them from mountains is called plant cell culture technology.

  • INGR succeeded in commercializing the world's first technology to mass-produce viniferin through grape flower cell culture.

  • INGR induces intracellular viniferin to be released out of the cell while culturing grape flower cells, and dissolves it well in culture media to be suitable for use as a cosmetic material. The release and solubility enhancement technology that releases the effective ingredient out of the cell and dissolves it has no process of breaking the cell and extracting it with an organic solvent, simplifying the extraction process and maintaining the activity of the effective ingredient.

Imagine the Next Green Revolution
Application of Plant Cell Culture Technology

INGR developed a technology that combines molecular switch technology and plant cell culture technology to mass-produce plant-derived natural ingredients while culturing plant stem cells in an absolutely clean environment. In addition, in order to multiply rare plants and produce standard seedlings for smart precision farming, plant cell line technology and plant regeneration technology are used for various medicinal plants.