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Molecular Switch Technology
  • The ON/OFF regulator built into the gene is called a molecular switch, and the plant metabolic regulation technology that finds and controls it in detail is called a molecular switch technology.

  • INGR is conducting research to maximize the content of efficacy components by exploring and controlling molecular switches of natural metabolism genes in various plant cells.

  • VinoChocolate released by INGR is a grape flower cell extract that amplifies the contents of resveratrol and viniferin by controlling the molecular switch of the grape STS gene while culturing grape flower cells.

  • INGR activates the molecular switch while culturing the most actively dividing flower anther cells among grape flower cells, amplifying the content of viniferin to 500 mg/L (ppm). This is 260 times more than the amount of viniferin in wine.

Stilbenes Concentration (ppm)
Grape Flower Cell Extract Molecular Switched- OFF Grape Flower Cell Extract Molecular Switched- ON Wines
J Agric Food Chem 2005
Resveratrol 0.00 42.32 3.32
Ꜫ-Viniferin 0.00 508.26 1.93
δ-Viniferin 0.00 74.52 10.74