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Imagine the Next Green Revolution

Viniferin, a God-given miracle material,
Dermatology made it a cosmetic material with excellent efficacy.

  • INGR has released ‘a grape flower cell extract’ full of viniferin. If vine is a gift from God to man, and wine is God's drop, then viniferin is the core ingredient of wine, the tears of God, and the miraculous substance of God.

  • Viniferin is a highly effective and high-value-added substance and is present in small amounts in vine stems and flower anthers.

  • It has been reported that the whitening effect of viniferin is 62 times that of vitamin C and 13 times that of albumin, and its antioxiant activity is 22 times that of quercetin and 28 times that of tocopherol.

 French Paradox is a term that first appeared in a paper published in the Circulation in 1993.

- A study of the correlation between cholesterol and saturated fat intake and heart disease mortality in 40 countries found that French people with the same intake index had a mortality rate about four times lower than Finnish people, describing it as a "French paradox.

 - However, as research on useful ingredients of wine accumulates, what is newly known is that viniferin is more contained in wine and has stronger antioxidant efficacy than resveratrol. Therefore, the real protagonist of French paradox is viniferin

Imagine the Next Green Revolution
Efficacy of resveratrol and viniferin
Imagine the Next Green Revolution
Viniferin-rich ‘grape flower cell extract